Limit pay is worth Zhanmusisheng 400 million U.S. dollors will become the first person

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Limit pay is worth Zhanmusisheng 400 million <a href="UR"L>buy jordan shoes online</a> U.S. dollors will become the first person
Time of Beijing of Yahoo sports dispatch on March 7, " Kingjamesgospel " message, can the contract of professional career have Zhanmusi how old? Strap according to expert division - Cooke is analysed, if from Zhanmusi the value of oneself sets out, he is whole the contract amount of professional career can achieve 400 million U.S. dollor, will be the biggest contract on sports history --
In large alliance of American duty club, without wage cap, team is allowed the contract with player big random, want them to be able to pay these player and extravagant tax only. In NBA current condition falls, team also can exceed wage cap to pay extravagant tax, nevertheless they cannot be offerred for the player quite as far as possible much pay. Because be among agreement of existing labour and capital,this is, 35% the pay that every sports season can get player carrying firewood on the head can be wage cap only, mean a contract to also can get 20.3 million dollar every year only at most so. Nevertheless, zhanmusi's value is very apparent and more than be worth this amount.
Le Bulang - Zhanmusi's value
Zhanmusi is this allied and best player, this need not argue, he is recently a few years inside one of players that NBA provides regnant power most. Pass such analysises, zhanmusi's annual salary should dress with division comparing, should be in at least 30 million dollar, this and division are than laying the yearly salary of a sports season above a level.
According to " Forbes " the estimation before the magazine, old boss of Zhanmusi overcomes that sports season that group of Li Fulan's knight leaves in him, devalued 121 million dollar. And showing tremendous enthusiasm is in obtain Zhanmusijia after alliance, their authority value rose 261 million dollar, grow 72 compared to the same period. Of course, because overcome Reese,this still has one share is - the arrival of wave assorted.
Because had Zhanmusi,be, showing tremendous enthusiasm just becomes have more outstanding, their ticket gets sell like hot cakes, polo shirt also is such, this makes showing tremendous enthusiasm more profitable. After such analysises, zhanmusi's real value exceeds 30 million dollar for certain, should be 50 million dollar arrives between 75 million dollar about.
Which team can open a pay of high specified number to Zhanmusi?
Zhanmusi is so expensive, the team that can give to have salary of high specified number among alliance is not too much. Assume contract of each years is close to Zhanmusi 70 million dollar, so be in at present among alliance, can dare to sign Zhanmusi, and can pay high specified number the gram having the Buddhist nun of pay this, team of net of lake person, showing tremendous enthusiasm, calf, basket, ox and knight. Zhanmusike in order to go lake person, the severe test that wins total champion honor for many times is had over there, he also can choose Nikesi, this team is the team with the most valuable alliance at present, and run in the right way.
Which no matter Zhanmusi goes,support team, the pay amount of his profession career may be as high as 400 million dollar, this can make the biggest contract on sports history very easily, at present Jianeite is the player with top income of the wage on NBA history, his professional career gross income reachs 325 million dollar, income of the wage on O'Neil's history is 292 million dollar. (Responsibility edits: Wang Xupeng)

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